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Why Should You Clean Your Dirty Air Vents?

by Alissa Baker on Jan 10, 2023

Why Should You Clean Your Dirty Air Vents?

Dirty air vents are easy to miss until dust, dirt, and debris build up and become an obvious eyesore, affecting your breathing and allergies. Once these particles are free to circulate in your home and HVAC system, they can directly impact the quality of the air you breathe. 

What Causes Dirty Air Vents? 

Air vents are the frontman to your HVAC system. They shield your ductwork from infestation but also indicate the quality of the air circulating inside your home.  

If you notice a buildup of debris on your air vents, it means your system is likely affected by:   

  • Dirt and dust accumulation in your ductwork 
  • A clogged HVAC filter 
  • Improper ventilation 
  • Mold or bacterial growth 
  • Inefficient, malfunctioning, or incorrectly sized HVAC system 

The Best Way to Clean Air Vent Covers 

Although a dirty register is often a sign of delayed duct cleaning or maintenance, at-home vent cover cleaning can help to reduce the spread of dust and particles throughout your home. If you notice, you need to clean your vents more often. Consider installing an induct air purifier that uses UV light and ionization technology to neutralize dust, dander, dirt, pollen, and germs.