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UC Light Air Purification System

UV-C Whole-Home Air Purification System

The EnviroAire IAQ UV uses a combination of UV-C light and activated carbon cells to improve indoor air quality by destroying odor-causing, and toxic VOCs, while sterilizing mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens from the air stream in your home.

Whole-Home Media
Air Cleaners

Unlike traditional air filters, EnviroAire IAQ Media Air Cleaners are designed to perform at a much finer filtration rate, greatly maximizing your clean-air potential, while capturing sub-micron contaminants that traditional filters leave behind.

Whole-Home Humidification System

The EnviroAire IAQ Humidification System is built to remedy your home’s dry air needs by adding just the right amount of moisture. With easy-to-use digital controls, you can set the correct relative humidity for your home and forget it.

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