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Air Purification

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Media Air Cleaners

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Humidification System

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The Solution For Indoor Air Pollution & Odors

Detox The Air!

The EnviroAire IAQ UV uses a combination of UV-C light and CeraCarbon™ cells to improve indoor air quality by destroying odor-causing, and toxic VOCs, while sterilizing mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens from the air stream in your home.

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1″ Polarized Media Air Cleaner

Breathe Polarizingly,
Clean Air!

An Essential Component Of Your Indoor Air Quality. Air filters are in every heating and cooling unit, preventing significant pollutants from passing through the system and into your breathing air. Unfortunately, the average filters that homeowners might pick up at their local grocery store leave much to be desired when it comes to absolute filtration.

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Whole-Home Humidification Solutions

Enjoy Breathing Healthier, Humidified Air With EnviroAire IAQ’s Humidification Systems.

Installing a humidifier means you’ll be able to add just the right amount of moisture to your home’s dry air. This will improve the overall health of your family, as well as your home, as dry air lowers your body’s immunity, dries out your skin, eyes, and nose, and eventually cracks wood furnishings, floors, and even instruments in your home.

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