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How To Keep Your Air Quality Up to Par This Holiday Season 

by Alissa Baker on Dec 14, 2022

How To Keep Your Air Quality Up to Par This Holiday Season 

There is plenty to worry about this holiday season, don’t let your indoor air quality be one of them! Vistors and decorations can bring chemicals into the air we breathe, but luckily we have some tips to keep your home fresh without the toxins. 

1. Keep Your Shoes At The Door

 By asking guests to keep their shoes at the door, you are leaving dirt, debris, and outside elements from being tracked into your home. Not to mention, this will make for easier cleanup after guests leave your home.

2. Leave The Candles & Air Freshers At The Store

Candles come in all the yummy holiday scents, like freshly baked cookies, mulled apple cider, and so on. Even though these sound tempting to buy, don’t! Candles contain toxins, hormone disruptors, and allergens that can induce asthma. Make your home smell incredible and as a bonus, keep it toxin free by boiling cinnamon, citrus peels, and spices in a simmer pot! 

3. Don’t Use The Self Clean On Your Oven 

Holiday cooking can do a number on your oven but don’t turn on the self-cleaning feature as the oven needs to be on a very high temperature and releases chemicals into the air. Instead, if your oven needs a good cleaning, use a non-toxic cleaner or baking soda paste to give it its shine back! 


If you have any concerns about your indoor air quality or want to lean more on how to improve it, contact a pro in your area!