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How To Dust Properly And Why It’s So Important

by Melissa Stevens on Sep 09, 2021

How To Dust Properly And Why It’s So Important

Dusting is a struggle for everyone. You see dust build up in your home, you clean it up, and BOOM, dust suddenly appears again. It may be easy to throw your hands up and just ignore the dust, but believe us, dusting is more important than you think. 

So, what dusting strategy helps to keep the most dust out of your home? Is that even possible? Here’s your answer and why you should keep a regular dusting schedule.

Why Is Dusting Important?

Dust is likely a combination of dead skin cells, hair, and pet dander (if you have pets). However, far more hazardous components, such as chemicals found in plastics, cleaning products, and types of flooring, can live in dust. Dusting is important because it reduces your risk of illness. While most types of dust don’t cause severe illnesses, they can definitely worsen allergy and asthma symptoms. 

In addition, dust is such an eyesore! A thick layer of dust can make a beautiful piece of furniture look like a mess. No one wants that! 

How To Dust Properly

Now that you know you can’t turn your head to dust, you’re ready to learn how to dust the right way! There are many dusting methods, but one rules over them all. Here’s how: 

1. Remove All Items

In order to eliminate all dust, taking shortcuts and dusting around items won’t help. Remove all of your knickknacks and dust the surface. You can also dust each item before putting them back. 

2. Use A Dusting Cloth

Take a dusting cloth and give your furniture a thorough wiping! Specialized dusting microfiber cloths are designed to attract and hold dust particles. They don’t cause dust to fly around like dusters, and they don’t leave residue the way spray cleansers do. 

3. Clean The Area Around Your Furniture

Just in case any dust traveled during the dusting process, you’ll want to clean around your furniture. Take a vacuum and give the floor a thorough cleaning around the area. Also, don’t forget those baseboards! A microfiber cloth or dryer sheet will work just fine to wipe off the dust on your baseboards.

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