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3 Tips On How To Vacuum Properly

by Melissa Stevens on Aug 20, 2021

3 Tips On How To Vacuum Properly

Vacuuming is a necessity in any household, especially if you have carpet. Most people think there’s nothing to the process of vacuuming. All you have to do is plug it in and go, right? Believe it or not, there is a method to vacuum properly.

Thats right, you may have been vacuuming the wrong way your entire life! Luckily for you, we have 3 tips to help you level up your vacuuming game. 

1. Take Your Time

Try not to vacuum too fast, as just running over the floor won’t get the job done. In addition, move the vacuum cleaner both forward and backward across the floor as you work. This action allows the vibrations to loosen any debris in the carpet fibers so that the dirt is sucked up when you make another pass.

2. Give High-Traffic Areas Extra Love

The floors in hallways, foyers, and living rooms typically see more foot traffic than any other place in the home. That means a large amount of dirt and debris will accumulate on floors and carpets in those areas. You may want to consider vacuuming those high-traffic areas as often as every other day or as little as twice a week.

3. Keep Your Vacuum Clean

In order for your vacuum to clean properly, it needs adequate airflow. If you're one of those people who tend to let the canister or vacuum bag fill to the brim before emptying it, your appliance will be less effective. It's important to empty your vacuum after each use and change out the bag regularly.

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