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Are You In Need Of A Whole Home Humidifier?

by Alissa Baker on Nov 08, 2022

Are You In Need Of A Whole Home Humidifier?

Are you having issues with snoring? Cracked lips or dry skin? Itchy watery eyes? These could all be caused by the air conditions in your home! 

If the air is too dry, it easily causes changes in your health. But a whole-home humidifier could help! Adding humidity to the air in your home can assist in relieving sinusitis, helping colds heal faster, and even improve your skin!

Seasonal dryness in the home is a concern for all homeowners, but this can be a year-round issue as well, especially in newer homes built with a tighter seal to keep air and moisture out. Maintaining the proper humidity level for your home will make a huge difference in your comfort!

Recent studies show that humidified air can help prevent:

  • Viruses, harmful bacteria, dust mites, and fungi.

  • Improves respiratory health and allergy/asthma symptoms.

  • Boosts immune system response.

  • Makes indoor air quality more comfortable by eliminating dry-air symptoms like static and dry skin.

  • Protects your home from dry rotting, cracked and warped wood, and dull wood surfaces.

  • Can be installed directly without the need for additional ductwork modifications.

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