What To Expect When You​ Are Expecting!

 With all the hustle and bustle that comes with having a precious baby, something that probably has slipped through the cracks is thinking about your baby’s bedroom air quality. We get it, it’s not as fun as picking out a new crib and all its accessories but before deciding on a theme and picking out the perfect shade of paint, start with these tips! 

If your paint can doesn’t say “No VOCs and No Odor” leave it on the shelf! Paints containing these harmful chemicals can expose your newborn to unnecessary toxins which can lead to respiratory illness or other medical conditions. Scary right? 

If you can avoid carpet, DO! All carpet, types, and textures harbor tons of environmental allergens, some less than others but either way dust mites and molds can pile up! If there is no way around the carpet, purchase a vacuum that has a HEPA filter. This will help reduce allergen build-up by roughly 99.7% (depending on the brand). 

Even when it comes to the furniture that will be in the baby’s room, look for natural and chemical-free. Some new furniture contains gases such as formaldehyde which has been linked to causing cancer. If the description says “pressed wood” or “heavy lacquers” again, leave it on the shelf. 

Put purchasing a whole home filter on your to-do list! Invest in one that is heavy-duty that will capture below the .3 micron level. To learn more about a quality filter visit www.enviroaireIAQ.com ! There you can learn more about how filters work and the overall health benefits! 

Clean the windowsills! Excess moisture can lead to fungal growth! Yuck. What is even more gross is the most common mold found in a bedroom is Cladosporium. It can become airborne which leads to poor air quality for you and your newborn!

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