MERV Ratings Explained!

MERV Ratings Are An Essential Part Of Proper Air Filtration. Here’s Why It Matters To You…

At EnviviroAire IAQ, we’re all about clean, filtered air, so we know a little something about MERV ratings and how they work to create a better indoor quality in your home. If you’ve never heard of a MERV rating, you’re not alone! 

MERV is an acronym for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and it is the standard by which all HVAC air filters are judged. The MERV value system rates the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the filter that you use in your home. All filters have small holes that allow air and particles to pass through them. The smaller the holes, the more contaminants that are filtered, so tinier holes equal higher MERV value and fewer pollutants in your home’s air. 

Finer Filtration, Cleaner Air

So how do EnviroAire IAQ’s  filtration media systems stack up to the average store-bought filter? Let’s just say the difference is NOTICEABLE! For example, the EnviroAire IAQ 1″ Polarized Media Air filters have a capture rate of 97% at .3 microns, which means  they catch microscopic particles other filters leave behind. On the MERV rating scale, they’re considered hospital grade between 16-18. 

Some common particles that are tested in MERV ratings are pollen, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, carpet fibers, bacteria, and tobacco smoke. These are common pollutants in most homes, so filters need to be able to tackle these issues.  When it comes to your home’s filter, it should be changed regularly. If you have an EnviroAire IAQ 1″ Polarized Media Air Cleaner, the filter media should be changed every three months. If you’ve got an EnviroAire IAQ 5″ Media Air Cleaner, it only needs to be changed once a year. Being sure to change your filters is important for keeping your indoor air clean as well as helping your HVAC system run smoothly and efficiently. 

For more information on MERV ratings, or to learn more about how our filtration systems can improve your health, reach out to your local pro to get EnviroAire-clean air today!

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