Dusting your home the right way! Yes, there is such a thing!

Give those tiny specks you see floating around the ultimate kick! We know this is a daunting task to deal with but let’s face it, it’s inevitable. The key is to stay on top of it. 

Everyone knows that dust is made up of skin cells, lint, animal dander, pollen, but did you know that it can also be made up of things around your homes such as a chemical that is found in some furniture, plastics, cleaning products, types of flooring and electronics? Yes, it’s true! 

These chemicals are no joke. They have been known to cause cancer and other serious health issues. 

Not to worry you too much, but dust is a serious matter, it’s more than just annoying stuff that settles on your things. 

Some ideas that you can do to help minimize dust and properly clean your surfaces are microfiber cloths. These cloths are perfect for polishing off your tables and dressers at least twice a week. Take your trusty vacuum across every carpet in your home once a week. If your vacuum doesn’t have a HEPA filter, get one! These help capture and keep the dust particles locked in and our of your home. 

If you are looking to restore dusty leather furniture, try a DIY leather conditioner. Mix 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/4 black tea, and 1/4 white vinegar and shake. Break out the microfiber cloths and rub the mixture all over your couch. VOILA! Good as new! 

Don’t forget your plants. Dust accumulates on them too. Leaving your plants even with a thin layer on them can cause them to grow slower and keeping their energy needed to stay healthy at bay. Again, with a microfiber cloth, them the plants outside and wipe off their leaves! 

If you’re not already, use green cleaning products. Avoid chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, and items that contain salt phthalates acids. Using safer products around your home will help with your long term health. 

Last but not least. Wipe down your baseboards with a simple dryer sheet. These sheets are great for collecting dog hair and of course, dust particles. The best part about the dryer sheets is that they actually build a static barrier, keeping the dust from collecting back rapidly! 

If you have any concerns about your indoor air quality or want to improve it. Check out our Enviroaire UV whole home cleaner! 

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