Bypass Vs. Power Humidifier: Which Is Right For You?

Humidity: this word might dredge up some bad memories of walking through a Disney theme park in Florida, dripping with sweat, or getting into your car on a mid-summer day and automatically feeling drenched by stifling humidity in the air—depending on where you live. While summertime humidity is a bummer, humidity inside your home is essential to healthy indoor air quality. 

Your home needs moisture in the air in order to maintain comfort and also to preserve your furnishings. Indoor air that’s overly dry can cause health issues like upper respiratory infections, itchy nose, eyes, and throat, and it can worsen symptoms of pre-existing conditions like asthma or allergies. Lack of humidity can also lead to warped, cracked wood in cabinetry, furniture, and even instruments. The solution is more humidity in the air. Now we’re not talking about pumping sticky humidity you can feel into your home, this type of humidity is more like a moisturizer for the air. You might not realize, but the humidity level inside your home should be somewhere between 40-60, and the only way to truly maintain that proper, healthy level, is with a whole home humidification system!

So now that you know you need a humidifier that can assist with your indoor air quality, it’s time to decide whether you need a Bypass Humidifier, or a Power Humidifier! Check out some of the criteria below to help you make your decision!

Bypass Vs. Power – A Comparison 

Bypass Humidifier – uses the blower motor of your home’s furnace to distribute moisture.

Power Humidifier – uses it’s own built-in fan to distribute the moisture.

Which Humidifier Moisturizes The Air Faster?

Because the Bypass humidifier relies on the furnace and has no fan power on it’s own, Power humidifiers are able to operate continuously, even if your HVAC system is off. That gives the Power model a leg up on humidifying the air faster than the Bypass.

Which Humidifier Is Quieter?

For some homeowners, this might not matter, but we actually get the question about noise quite a lot, so we feel it’s important to address it in our comparison. The Bypass humidifier wins this round because it isn’t using its own fan, you’ll never notice additional noise, unlike the Power humidifier who’s fan-powered system might operate with a bit more noticeable sound. 

Which Humidifier Is More Efficient?

The Power model takes the cake when it comes to being green. With a Bypass, humidity is added to the air and recirculated to the furnace where the blower motor forces air into the home. This redistribution means that a percentage of humidity might be lost in the process. More water needs to be used, but not all of it will convert to humidity. The Power humidifier’s built-in fan distributes air directly to the home, preventing humidity loss. Another benefit of the Power system is that it doesn’t require the HVAC system to be running in order to humidify, this saves energy. 

Which Humidifier Requires More Repairs?

While we suggest that you maintain your EnviroAire IAQ humidifiers annually to avoid having to have repairs, typically, the Bypass model experiences fewer breakdowns due to the fact that it contains no fan, which means there are fewer moving parts that could potentially malfunction. Both whole home humidification systems contain an EnviroAire IAQ Water Panel which must be replaced annually. 

Which Humidifier Costs Less?

This might depend on where it’s purchased and the model type, but for the most part, Power humidifiers can cost a bit more than Bypass humidifiers.

Which Humidifier Is Easier To Install?

While we highly suggest that if you purchase an EnviroAire IAQ humidification system you have it installed by one of our certified partners, the Power model is simpler to install. This is because Bypass humidifiers can require a bit of extra ductwork, while Power humidifiers can be installed in limited space and apart from the HVAC system. 

While there are benefits to both humidifiers, it’s important that you have one of our certified partners assist in helping you discover which system is right for YOUR home. Depending on your needs, your budget, and the type of home you have, one system might be more beneficial for you than the other. Contact A Pro today to find out which EnviroAire IAQ Whole Home Humidification System is right for you! 

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