Blinds – How to Clean Them Quickly

Before we jump into cleaning blinds, here is a fact about dust. 

Did you know? If your house is too dry, dust accumulates quicker and becomes more abundant. If this sounds like your home, getting a humidifier is a way to increase moisture in the air that will keep down the dust. However, if adding moisture doesn’t work, it could also mean a problem with your HVAC system. Worst case scenario. 

No-one enjoys cleaning, it takes hours and by the time you are done, you feel like you are covered in dust, dirt and whatever else is floating around your home. 

One place that often gets overlooked is your blinds. UGH!

We are here to help get the blinds clean without too much hassle or time added to your cleaning day. 

Step one is to open the blinds. 

Step two is grab a pair of kitchen thongs and wrap a towel around each end of the thongs. 

Step three is to secure the cleaning towels. A rubber band works well for this or if you’re in a pinch a hair tie will do the job. 

Step four take your favorite cleaning solution spray bottle and spray the towels generously. 

Step five is to but the thong opening with the attached rags between each slat and wipe all the way to the end. 

Continue to do this for each set and in no time this daunting task will be over! 

Pro tip: when wrapping the thongs make sure that the ends are covered with the towels, that way you won’t scratch the blinds or windows. 

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