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Bypass Vs. Power Humidifier: Which Is Right For You?

Humidity: this word might dredge up some bad memories of walking through a Disney theme park in Florida, dripping with sweat, or getting into your car on a mid-summer day and automatically feeling drenched by stifling humidity in the air—depending on where you live. While summertime humidity is a bummer, humidity inside your home is …

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Eliminate Allergy-Inducing Pet Dander From The Air You Breathe!

In the USA, we love our pets! Our dogs and cats are like kids to many of us. Sassy might have her own seat on your couch, and Rover sleeps in the bed with you! While not all pet owners go to great lengths to treat their pets like humans, many of us just have a soft spot for these furry creatures we call family!

Infographic: Germ-Killing Power Of UC-V Light

Air-Purifying Indoor Houseplants

Indoor purifying plants can act as a natural humidifier, by reducing the levels of CO2. Indoor plants are not only great for your home but also your office. Often when we are feeling sick with headaches, nausea, and fatigue it can be due to the building we work in, especially if it’s older.

10 Easy Steps To Create Cleaner Air

Breathing polluted air negatively affects your lung health. Fortunately, there are some simple actions you can take to reduce air pollution and to keep the air in your world a little cleaner!

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