Air-Purifying Indoor Houseplants

We spend the majority of out time indoors, so why not add some greenery to liven your space up and detox the air at the same time. 

By adding a few indoor plants it can: 

-Reduce eye, ears, nose and throat irritation

-Ease congestion and reduce coughing attacks 

-Lower stress level 

Indoor purifying plants can act as a natural humidifier, by reducing the levels of CO2. Indoor plants are not only great for your home but also your office. Often when we are feeling sick with headaches, nausea, and fatigue it can be due to the building we work in, especially if it’s older. 

In our day to day lives, we don’t stop to think about what in our house can cause indoor air pollution. We have compounded a list for you to check: 





-Cleaning products 

So as you can see, we all have things in our house that can ooze toxins into the air that you breathe in everyday without realizing. 

To help offset some of these chemicals in the air add some plants! These are the top rated plants that will do just enough to help clean the air you’re breathing either at home or in the office. 

-Garden Mum 

-Spider Plant 


-Peace Lily

-Boston Fern 

-Snake Plant 

-Bamboo Palm 

-Aloe Vera 

The best part about these plants listed above is that they are easy to keep alive! Low maintenance plants are the best to have in your home / office space so they don’t have to constantly be replaced. 

Happy plant shopping! 

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