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3 Types Of UV Light

Did You Know That UV Light Has Three Categories? UV-A, UV-B, And UV-C!

At EnviroAire IAQ, Indoor Air Quality is our obsession! We do our research to bring you the most high-tech advancements in clean-air products, and our UV-C Whole Home Air Purification system is our heavy-hitting, germ-killing powerhouse! But what makes it so unique? It’s the power of Ultraviolet (UV) light that makes all the difference. UV light has three categories, UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.  So why do we use UV-C light in our purifiers? Read on to learn what truly makes UV-C light stand out as the germ-killing king! 

UV Light Categories

While this UV light has the smallest amount of energy from UV radiation, it accounts for 95% of the UV light rays that reach us on Earth. We can thank UV-A for giving us a nice summer glow, as it penetrates the deeper layers of our skin. Although it’s not nearly as powerful as it’s fellow categories, UV-A can still cause premature aging of the skin, and potentially skin cancer. That’s why the use of sunscreen is so important, even if you’ll be out in the sun for only a short time. 

The UV-B is the middle-man, and while it’s a higher energy form of UV radiation than the UV-A, it can only reach superficial layers of skin. Still, it contributes to short-term effects on the skin, such as tanning, freckling, burning, and wrinkling. Additionally, these rays are often responsible for the onset of skin cancer. Fortunately, UV-B’s most harmful rays are trapped by the ozone layer, and only about 5% actually reach us.  

UV-C is the most powerful, and potentially damaging type of ultraviolet light. If this light were able to reach us at full power, we’d be in a constant x-ray machine! Thankfully, it’s almost completely blocked by the Earth’s atmosphere, preventing extreme effects to our bodies. 

So…you might be wondering why you’d want this dangerously high-radiation light anywhere near your home, and the answer is simple. Technology has harnessed the power of the UV-C light and put it in a contained lamp where it can only do damage to the germs, viruses, and microorganisms that do harm to us! Our UV-C Air Purifier reduces odors, toxins, and volatile organic compounds, while killing mold, bacteria, and viruses, improving indoor air quality. While it’s great for your health, it also benefits the health of your home’s HVAC system, increasing the life and boosting the efficiency! 

We hope this article has helped give you a glimpse at why UV-C light is such an important part of home air purification. If you’re interested in having a Whole Home Air Purification System installed in your home, click the button below to contact one of our certified partners today!


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